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Turn Your Skin Around Naturally!

A Happy, healthy skin start in 7 days.


It's not magic! We simply combine the beauty of naturally-derivedplant-based ingredients to create a Skin Turnaround.


Our products are designed to provide natural, minimal or no-makeup beauty looks where your real skin texture, pores and imperfections shine through.

Self-Love Must-Haves



At LAFLEV, we aim to provide the best skincare solutions by eliminating unnecessary products and  steps in the daily skincare routine.

This is achieved by using only the best quality and most effective ingredients proven by nature.




Multi-Purpose Products

Our Goal is to simply go back to the basics.


We are proud to have created a brand that is not only inclusive but also accepted by and effective for all genders and colors.




 An Exceptional Brand with an Extraordinary Purpose


A core mission of LAFLEV is to give back. We work with a number of charity partners in Canada to help women overcome adversity.


We donate a portion of every sale to make a change in a woman's life. Every time you purchase our products, you become a part of our thoughtful world.