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The beauty industry is full of ugly ingredients. We created LAFLEV to prove that skin can be beautiful not only outside but inside, too.

Skin that is truly healthy, happy and free of toxins.

Our Company

Where We Started

For centuries, people around the world have relied on plants, herbs and earthy clays for their beautification. But in the last few decades, synthetic materials slowly replaced natural products, and we started becoming dependent on fast and easy skincare solutions without realizing the potentially harmful long-term effects of these products on our skin and the environment. 


I belong to a family of herbalists and ayurvedic specialists, so from a very young age, I’ve preferred to use natural products. In the early 90s, my father was in the business of making natural ayurvedic oils, which were best sellers at the time.

The recent focus on “skinimalism” combined with a growing appreciation for clean beauty inspired me to carry on my family’s tradition of crafting high-quality, effective skincare products. After exploring and testing countless options available on the market and not achieving favorable results, I finally created a line of products that meet my uncompromising standards for clean products that work.






To be the preferred skincare line for those who value high-quality, natural ingredients that produce visible results.



What We Stand For